Welcome to our Sandstone manufactory TABITA website!

In our manufactory we produce hand made pictures and clocks from natural sandstone slabs.

The sandstone is obtained by a special technology that cuts off 1 to 3mm thick sandstone slab from the rock, leaving its texture perfectly preserved. The sandstone slabs are put on a wooden frame which causes that the piece is not as heavy as a whole-stone one would be.

Diverse colours of sandstone are caused by the place of their origin. We use sandstones that come from several places in Europe.

Both the pictures and the clocks are mostly made by the inlay technique when the slabs are cut into pieces and combined. All pictures and clocks are provided with ecological penetration layer, that prevents the sandstone grains form falling off, which makes the maintenance easier, and at the back there is a handmade copper hook.

The watches are provided with silent German clock machines Quartz. We deliver them in gift natural cardboard boxes.

We also make bespoke pictures and clocks after consultation.

Our favourite motifs are stone houses, towns in a rock, town lanes and corners.

Every single picture or clock is unique, it is hand made with joy and love.

Ing. Zuzana Bacikova and Martina Hasmandova








New picture of the italy towns' collection: SAN GIMIGNANO

12/07/2012 23:28
The medieval Tuscan town, the town of saffron and grapevine... 93 x 48 cm